The story of a time and temperature indicator that has dramatically changed the course of vaccine
management practices as well as shaped the future of the cold chain.


Debbie Kristensen

Director of Vaccine Technology, Strategy, and Policy
Medical Devices and Health Technologies

The Book of VVM is a compelling case study of the forty-year history of this technology and the enormous effort it took to bring the VVM to fruition. I have had the privilege of being involved in this global effort for thirty years and of working with Dr. Umit Kartoglu during the eighteen years he led the VVM work at WHO. It took dedicated champions to get the VVM to where it is today and Umit has been one of the most passionate and productive advocates of the technology. He has masterfully harnessed his technical, public health, artistic, training, and communications skills in the effort as is evidenced by this book. Read on for a detailed and colorful account of all things VVM.