Umit Kartoglu, MD, DPH

Using VVMs as a stock management tool by Umit Kartoglu

running time 08:22 min (2012)  

Umit Kartoglu reviews the requirements for product arrival, storage and dispatch and analyses the role of VVM in effective stock management for each step. Special emphasis is given to the relation of VVM and expiry date in illustrating how VVM over-rules earliest expiry first out principle.

Interpretation of VVM in relation to other temperature monitoring devices by Umit Kartoglu

running time 12:49 min (2012)  

Umit Kartoglu reviews temperature monitoring devices used in a typical vaccine cold chain and analyzes how the readings relate to each other when there are more than one device at a particular point. This analysis is done from the VVM

VVMs getting smarter by Umit Kartoglu

running time 03:32 min (2012)  

Umit Kartoglu reviews the recent changes in integrity and location of VVMs and the new message VVM is giving whether a vial containing multi-dose vaccine can be kept for a subsequent session following opening the vial.

Last mile by Umit Kartoglu

running time: 11:15 min (2011)  

Umit Kartoglu reviews the critical last mile between the service point and the end user. He further discusses the best solutions for storage and transport of products and best practices for temperature monitoring.

Exploitation of stability data to reach the unreached by Umit Kartoglu

running time: 10:53 min (2011)  

Umit Kartoglu presents the critical aspect of exploitation of stability data to reach the unreached through overview of studies taking vaccines beyond the 8 deg C all published in peer-review journals as well as a new concept of cool water packs by the WHO and Vaccine Vial Monitors. As he indicates that vaccines have become more stable and there is a clear prospect of increased or even complete heat stability, and concludes that in these circumstances the dogmatic approach to the cold chain causes resources to be wasted and places unnecessary restrictions on field operations.

Step-by-step how to conduct shake test by World Health Organization

running time: 10:07 min (2010)  

Educational video providing step-by-step instructions on how to perform and interpret the shake test based on validated protocol.

Shake and tell by World Health Organization

running time 22:17 min (2010)  

This is the first ever video of a full fledge scientific article on the validity of the shake test. Shake test is the only test available to diagnose whether a freeze-sensitive vaccine has been damaged by freezing.

Nothing stands still by World Health Organization

running time: 17:50 min (2008)  

The video of the WHO-PDA Pharmaceutical cold chain management on wheels course conducted during 2-7 June 2008 in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir and Bursa (1,400 km route) in Turkey.

Five Senses by World Health Organization

running time 20:46 min (2007)  

A movie, produced for the 10th year anniversary of the introduction of vaccine vial monitors (VVM). The movie focuses on how this simple tool expands the horizon of the immunization programme and empowers health workers serving people at the very periphery of the health system. The theme and the goal are specific but there are scenes, human conditions, and different livings for everybody to see and think about. Shot in Niger, Vietnam and Indonesia in 2007.

Longing for the wide open sea by World Health Organization

running time 19:39 min (2006)  

An effective presentation is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of a facilitator’s performance. Using variety of learning methods to keep participants’ interest alert throughout the entire session and support stimulating, dynamic delivery increases the chances of success in reaching the learning objectives. As a feeling of passion for teaching has been brilliantly noted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery:
“If you want to build a ship, do not send your men out to get wood and tools… but teach them a longing for the wide open sea.” Facilitation Skills course has been offered by the WHO/GLO since 2003.