Umit Kartoglu, MD, DPH

The challenge of global COVID-19 vaccine distribution demands a new approach
By Alan Kennedy and Umit Kartoglu
International Pharmaceutical Industry Journal, 2020
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COVID-19 and the need for robust risk control strategies - Can ICH-Q9 help?
By Umit Kartoglu, Kevin O'Donnell, James Vesper
Journal of GXP Compliance, 2020
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Logistical challenges for potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and a call to research institutions, developers and manufacturers
By Umit H. Kartoglu, Kelly L. Moore, and John S. Lloyd
Vaccine, 2020
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A vaccine cold chain temperature monitoring study in the United Mexican States
By Verónica Carrión Falcón, Yara Verónica Villalobos Porras, César Misael Gómez Altamirano, and Umit Kartoglu
Vaccine, 2020
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Creating a "Good Clinical Practices Inspection" authentic online learning environment through educational design research
By Umit Kartoglu, Ria Christine Siagian, and Thomas C. Reeves
TechTrends, 2020
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Vaccine Vial Monitor Based Vaccine Management: An Albania Experience
By Umit Kartoglu, Erida Nelaj, Iria Prezo, and Silva Bino
Journal of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, 2020
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Improving temperature monitoring at the last mile in pharmacies in Magnisia and Sporades regional units in Greece
By Umit Kartoglu, Vasilis Birlirakis, Maria Aliki Vrachlioti-Botti, and Isaac Gobina
Journal of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, 2018
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Physical and chemical changes in AlhydrogelTM damaged by freezing
By Wieslaw Kurzatkowski, Umit Kartoglu, Paulina Gorska, Malgorzata Glowka, Katarzyna Woznica, Aleksandra A. Zasada, Grazyna Szczepanska, Grzegorz Trykowski, Marianna Gniadek, Mikolaj Donten
Vaccine, 2018
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Authentic learning with technology for professional development in vaccine management
Hanna Teras and Umit Kartoglu
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 2018
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A Grounded Theory of Professional Learning in an Authentic Online Professional Development Program
By Hanna Teras and Umit Kartoglu
International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 2017
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Stability of oxytocin along the supply chain: A WHO observational study
By Umit Kartoglu, Mariana Widmer, Metin Gulmezoglu
Biologicals, 2017
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Experiential and authentic learning approaches in vaccine management
By Umit Kartoglu, James Vesper, Hanna Teras and Thomas Reeves
Vaccine, 2017
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On the bus and online: instantiating an interactive learning environment through design-based research
By Umit Kartoglu, James L. Vesper and Thomas C. Reeves
Interactive Learning Environments, 2016
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Quality of oxytocin available in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review of literature
By MR Torloni, C Gomes Freitas, UH Kartoglu, A Metin Gulmezoglu and M Widmer
BJOG, 2016
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Initial design principles for establishing a learning community for public health professionals through authentic e-learning
By James L. Vesper, Jan Herrington, Umit Kartoglu and Thomas C. Reeves
Int. J. Cont. Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning, 2015
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Incorporating risk assessment into the formative evaluation of an authentic e-learning programme
By James Vesper, Umit Kartoglu, Jan Herrington and Thomas Reeves
British Journal of Education Technology, 2015
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Tools and approaches to ensure quality of vaccines throughout the cold chain
By Umit Kartoglu and Julie Milstien
Expert Rev. Vaccines, 2014
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Structural damages in adsorbed vaccines affected by freezing
By Wieslaw Kurzatkowski, Umit Kartoglu, Monika Staniszewska, Paulina Gorska, Alexandra Krause and Miroslaw Jan Wysocki
Biologicals, 2013
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Temperature sensitivity of the diphtheria containing vaccines
By Umit Kartoglu
Chapter in Infectious Diseases (R Priti, editor). In Tech 2012
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Assessing the potency of oral polio vaccine kept outside of the cold chain during a national immunization campaign in Chad
By Simona Zipursky, Liliane Boualam, Dah Ould Cheikh, Jacqueline Fournier-Caruana, Djabar Hamid, Mathias Janssen, Umit Kartoglu, Genevieve Waeterloss and Oliver Ronveaux
Vaccine, 2011
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A case study in experiential learning: Pharmaceutical cold chain management on wheels
By James Vesper, Umit Kartoglu, Rafik Bishara and Thomas Reeves
Journal of Continuing Education in the health Professionals, 2010
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Validation of the shake test for detecting freeze damage to adsorbed vaccines
By Umit Kartoglu, Nejat kenan Ozguler, Lara Wolfson and Wieslaw Kurzatkowski
Bull World health Organ, 2010
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Improving temperature monitoring in the vaccine cold chain at the periphery: An intervention study using 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger
By Umit Kartoglu, Erida Nelaj and Denis Maire
Vaccine, 2010
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Using oral polio vaccine beyond the cold chain: A feasibility study conducted during the national immunization campaign in Mali
By Ariana Halm, Idrissa Yalcouye, Mady Kamissoko, Tenemakan Keita, Ndoutabe Modjirom, Simona Zipursky, Umit Kartoglu and Oliver Ronveaux
Vaccine, 2010
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Use of cool water packs to prevent freezing during vaccine transportation at the country level
By Umit Kartoglu, Serge ganivet, Stephane Guichard, venkat Aiyer, Peter Bollen, Denis Maire and Birhan Altay
PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, 2010
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